Choose a SFCU Home Equity Line of Credit!

Does your home need a facelift?  Are you ready to turn your old kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams? Summit FCU is here to lend you a hand. Let us help you unlock the purchasing power of your home with a SFCU Home Equity Line of Credit. Choose a Summit FCU HELOC and we will pay the closing costs*! Your dreams are within reach - contact us today to get started!


*Closing costs generally total between $250 and $800, including the appraisal and title & recording fees. All closing costs/origination fees will be paid by the credit union; however, if your account is paid in full and closed within 60 months from the date it is opened, you will be required to reimburse all of these closing costs/origination fees upon closing your account. If the Credit Union incurs expenses at your request to open a Home Equity Line of Credit Account and you decide not to enter into an Agreement, you must reimburse the Credit Union immediately for those expenses incurred. Property insurance and, if applicable, flood insurance are required. Residence must be owner occupied within Ohio. Programs are subject to change without notice. All loans subject to normal credit approval terms, risk analysis and collateral qualification. The home equity line of credit is subject to a Variable Rate and the Annual Percentage Rate can change as a result. The maximum annual percentage rate that can apply is 18.00%. The minimum annual percentage rate that can apply is 3.00%. Additional limitations may apply. Contact SFCU staff for more information. 

Posted by April 02, 2018