Round Up Savings Program

Use Your Debit Card and Build Your Savings

Building your savings account doesn't have to be hard. If you have a Summit FCU checking account, it can be done by just using your SFCU debit card. You can now opt-in to have your SFCU debit card purchases "round up" to the nearest dollar and those funds will be deposited to a SFCU account or loan. You can decide if that is your savings account, one of your sub-savings accounts, or even a youth/child's account you are listed on. You can even designate the "round up" money to go onto your current Summit FCU loan to get it paid off quicker and pay less interest overall. Savings made SIMPLE!

Once you opt in, your debit card transactions will have an automatic Round Up transfer with every use.  For viewing clarity, the debit transaction will appear on one line item and the Round Up transaction will appear below it. The Round Up transaction will occur at approximately midnight of the day your debit transaction clears your checking account. The Round Up transaction will not process if it will take your account negative.  

If you should ever wish to opt out of the Round Up Savings Program, simply stop by one of our branches or give us a call.  The Round Up Savings Program may change or end without notice.

To opt-in, you simply need to let us know one of the following ways:

  • Complete a form the next time you are in the office
  • Call in and your request can be taken over the phone
  • Fill out the opt-in form below
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