A debit card, Christmas Club account and more

A Summit FCU debit card can be a very useful tool in preparing for the holiday season.  Our debit card gives you 24-hour access to your funds to do contactless shopping through your mobile wallet, online shopping and in-store shopping.  We also have the Card Valet® app which gives you more debit card usage controls and more peace of mind.  The Card Valet® app allows you to set alerts and limits for purchasing.  It also gives you control to temporarily turn the debit card “off” when you are not using it which can cut down on possible fraud.

A Christmas Club account can be added to your Summit FCU membership at anytime throughout the year and it allows you to save all year for the holidays.  You can set up direct deposit of any amount to go directly into your Christmas Club account and you can also make random deposits in the account.  The funds earn interest just as your regular share savings.  The funds in your Christmas Club account can be transferred into your checking account to be available as you need them for shopping.  This transfer can be done through our mobile app or through online banking (Web24).

Ask a Summit FCU staff member for more details and STOCK THAT TOOL BOX!

Posted by Tracy Wells Friday, September 16, 2022 12:43:00 PM