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Account Type Your Needs Required Minimum Balance  Monthly Service Fee Debit Card  Additional Information
Secure-24 Checking Peace of mind from a convenient account that monitors your credit. None $3.95 or less Free Total Identity Monitoring, Credit File Monitoring, 3-1 Credit Reports, Credit Scores every 90 days, Fully-Managed Fraud Resolution and Identity Fraud Expense Reimbursement through IDProtect®, and downloadable internet software with Secure Internet Browsing Software.
E-ssential Checking The simple, free checking account. None  Free  Free Unlimited Transactions, Internet Access Required, E-Statements Only
High School Checking Free Checking Account None Free Free Unlimited Transactions, Internet Access Required, E-Statements Only, Under 18 years of age requires joint parent/guardian signature
Statement Checking A simple checking account with a monthly paper statement. None $2.00 Free Unlimited Transactions
Gold Crown Checking Get more for your money. None $5.75 Free Two Free Boxes of Checks per year, Annual coupon book
Fresh Start Checking You have had trouble with a previous account. None $10.00 Free Must complete and pass online "Check-Right" Class before opening
Silver Money Market Checking Keep larger balances in a liquid account. $2,000 Free None Maximum of 3 withdrawals per month, Minimum withdrawal of $250, Earns Dividends

Checking accounts include online access, check images & statements, direct deposit and 24/7 phone access.  Service Fees can be even less with Loyalty Rewards!